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Re: Raptus ´99 (Sergio in Norway)!

I don't know at what exact time, but it's next weekend, starts Friday (I think). As for a meeting place there are several good spots, like outside Grieghallen, or at Sydneshaugen... or better yet at the Hanseatic Museum where I have an exhibit (shameless plug... really shameless!). But hey, don't let me hog all the attention here, are there any other Norwegians in the Bergen area on this list?

the Knight

I want to come and as long as nothing onforeseen happens I'm going to be
there! If anybody who live around there decide some good place to meet
(that you can find on your first trip to Norway ;-)).

Did anybody have the exact time/date?


-"All right! That's it! It's gotten Silly!" - Monty Python's Flying Circus