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Re: Whatever happened to that Ambush Bug/Larry-guy???

In a message dated 9/2/99 11:59:43 PM, grossfam@olywa.net writes:

>Larry, take a look at http://members.xoom.com/thegroop/

Whoa! I won A MAJOR AWARD!!! 

Best blunder, eh? Yeah, that's fitting, considering the way I shamelessly 
inundated this list with Grooism after Grooism, I guess you can say I almost 
stuffed the ballot box without even knowing it. 

Did I win for the Groo Liscense Plate That Killed My Car, or The Time I Sort 
Of Flashed The King & Queen of Norway (Or Was That Sweden), or The Evil 
Lobster Fork, or The Chopsticks in the Carburator, or the Banana Peel, or the 
Coffee In The Lap Of The Wife Of The NY Jets Football Player, or the Shampoo 

I think I'm gonna cry, you've made me so happy to be back?

Oops, some tears dripped into my hard drive **Fzzzttt!!!**  **PHLASCH!!!** OH 
NO! My comput**bzzzzzt!**-er is **pop pop** going **crmmmmcrmmmbzzt-pop** 
nutz*s*z*s*zzz*blllkkkk!!!* I think *zizzzzzz!!!* I need *whoopwhoop* a new 
**skzzz-pip!* com-  *phhht!* -puter - *pop pop pop pop* I, guess 
**wham-splut* I'll be **gzzzzzzzzh** off the list ****electrical noise*** for 
another *****gggggg**** year until I can **ZOOT!** replace 
***rahhrrahrzzzzzzzzeeep!** it?

Larry S.  **bleh** AKA The Shiek **popop** Of Entropy