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News from RA.

Uh, hi.

I'll be away for a few days camping, so don't get freaked out if I don't
answer your mail lickety split....

I got your money -- thanks.  I'll mail out the Groopads ASAP.  Now if
only the others..... 

BTW, I got a job finally.  I'm now a Materials Testing Technician
(testing soil, asphalt, and concrete in a lab).  Not directly my field,
but the company does my kind of work, so hopefully the next
Environmental Engineer they need will be me!  Unfortunately, the pay
ain't great, and hours aren't guaranteed so I can't go wild and fill my
Sergio collection.... just yet.

BTW, I saw the sneak preview of the new Groo movie -- wow! totally
awsome.  Who would have guessed Kneau Reeves could play such a good
Groo?!? And Howard Stern as Sage.... captivating.