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Re: I couldn't find a cleaver thing to put in "Subject"

What subject does a "cleaver" fall under anyway?

Satsui no Hadou ni Mezameta Saad wrote:
> Ho Groopies/Groopers,
> after much thinking ... yes go ahead, laugh...
> a rather strange thing occurred to me.  IF
> there were to be a Groo videogame, that's a
> big IF, it should be for the GameBoy console.
> I mean... look at it.  An 8-Bit black & white
> handheld console, with a 1Mhz processor, and yet
> it is still more successful than it's 8/16/32/64/
> 128 bit counterparts.  Umm... that's about it.
> 'kay bye.
>                                         -Saad
> P.S. Incase anyone didn't get the Groo analogy,
> I'd explain it but that would kill the fun of it...
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