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Re: Whatever happened to that Ambush Bug/Larry-guy???

Hi guys/grrls!

Did I win for the Groo Liscense Plate That Killed
My Car,

Uh oh ... Look out, Gary ...

or The Time I Sort Of Flashed The King & Queen of
Norway (Or Was That Sweden),

Well, Norway is the capital of Sweden ...

Oops, some tears dripped into my hard drive
**Fzzzttt!!!**  **PHLASCH!!!** OH NO! My
comput**bzzzzzt!**-er is **pop pop** going
**crmmmmcrmmmbzzt-pop** nutz*s*z*s*zzz*blllkkkk!!!*
I think *zizzzzzz!!!* I need *whoopwhoop* a new
**skzzz-pip!* com-  *phhht!* -puter - *pop pop
pop pop* I, guess **wham-splut* I'll be
**gzzzzzzzzh** off the list ****electrical noise***
for another *****gggggg**** year until I can
**ZOOT!** replace ***rahhrrahrzzzzzzzzeeep!** it?

Uh, Larry, we've already been through the electrocutions (really) while you were gone ... Nate grabbed a light bulb socket, I ripped up an electronic circuit without turning off the power, someone turned on the power switch for Mad-Andy, and someone had a mis-hap with an electric fence ...

Anyway, you're back in time for Groo Fest!!!  Also,
Fan Pic III!!!  (Plug! Plug!)  Also, the Groo lunch
box and signed stuff on Ebay!!!  Also, the Groo
promo trading card offer from M.E. and Sergio!!!

See you.


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