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Re: Whatever happened to that Ambush Bug/Larry-guy???

Doesn't it just fugure. I've been getting ten or twelve posts a day, but the
SECOND LARRY SIGNS BACK ON I get more than 39 posts! Jiminy crickets folks,
what the heck is going on here?

Love, from,


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From: ShiekOfEntropy@aol.com <ShiekOfEntropy@aol.com>
To: groop@groo.com <groop@groo.com>
Date: Thursday, September 02, 1999 11:15 PM
Subject: Whatever happened to that Ambush Bug/Larry-guy???

Hi there friends, best regards to you all if ya know me, and if ya don't,
well, hi there and best regards to you all anyway!

My name is Larry, a former Grooper (which I STILL prefer to GROOPIE) who
to go by the nickname Ambush Bug, after a semi-obscure DC Comics character.
I now go by the nickname The Shiek of Entropy?, for a number of reasons:

1). I decided not to use a pseudonym based on someone else's copyrighted

B). Because The Shiek of Entropy? is an original character name which I
established about ten years ago (it was the nickname of a favorite AD&D
magic-user  I played that I've always been fond of.

42). Because the man in the hat told me to.

How are you all doing?
What's new?

I've kept with the IMPORTANT stuff (namely, Groo), but according to
Unirabbit, I missed out on those Groo-pads. Any left? Pretty please? Oh
my own fault for disappearing like that.

I'll post a longer hello over the weekend, with an update on what I've been
up to lately (If you really don't care, just delete any posting called
"Return of the Larry")

Talk to ya soon!

Larry S., AKA The Shiek Of Entropy