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Re: Whatever happened to that Ambush Bug/Larry-guy???

Wow! The return of Larry! This is certainly a stellar day. (Sorry, couldn't
resist.) I'm at work right now, so I don't have time to summarize the last
year, but I'll do it this weekend and post it. (While I'm also working on
my two Mulch! cartoons, my FanPic III cartoon, my book of drawings for the
lovely Kimberly, my short story, my children's book, my journal in cartoon
form, and doing the laundry) Anyway, welcome back, Larry. Much has happened
and you were missed.

Just as a teaser, Gary became Erin, but is no more. I became Glorko and
still am (as well as Bonzo the wonder dog, Buck Studley, Stupid People of
America, and others). Nate became Sparky Urinetoast and is rumored to be
Gary's and my love child. Kevin (allegedly) has pretended to be me, but
only after I pretended to be him. ME is still ME, and not me. Blade Harvey
seems to be gone forever. And TGD may have been mutated into something at
the Brookhaven labs, because we haven't heard from him. So I'd say apart
from a major identity crisis, things are going along about the same.

Gotta go.
Chris (my counsellor really earns her money) Schechner