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Return of The Larry

WARNING: non-Groo related post. Delete now or forever hold your peace?


Here I go again.

I just finished writing this e-mail, and now I've got to do it again from 
scratch because I accidentally deleted it. Yup, I guess I AM back. 

I've been off the list since December, although even then I had cut back on 
my participation for various reasons. Computer problems kept me off this 
long, but now everything's Jake and I'm back for good. (Did I really just say 
everything's Jake? THAT wasn't in my lost first draft?)

When last we saw our intrepid Grooper, he had lost over 60 lbs. in just 10 
months of eating right and exercising (hooray!) Since then, I've blasted that 
10 month speed record by, ummm, gaining it all back in only 7 months flat 
(less-than-hooray) Oh well, at least now my niece Marissa is old enough to 
understand that Uncle Larry DOES NOT have a baby in there?

I was also stressing out at the time because of a promotion which I felt I 
had been unfairly passed over for. Well, be careful what you wish for and all 
that, because NOW I'm stressing out because I DID get the promotion (hence 
the weight gain, we all need a good excuse, don't we?) I am happy with my new 
job, I get to supervise a staff of six advertising copywriters, some of whom 
are as WEIR- umm, I mean INTERESTING as I am. Seriously, I've got a great 
bunch of writers, and the ulcers to prove it!

What else? I'm a Clown Captain again this year for the Macy?s Thanksgiving 
Day Parade, which is probably my TRUE calling. It's not every day you get to 
hop, skip and jump down Broadway WITHOUT getting run over by a cab. 

I was an Extra for Kevin Costner's forthcoming baseball movie FOR THE LOVE OF 
THE GAME, but since it's really just crowd scenes, I doubt I'll be noticeable 
on-screen. I'll let you know if my image graces the screen long enough to be 
noteworthy, but that is doubtful. It was quite an experience sitting in the 
stands at Yankee Stadium wearing short sleeves in late October (Or was it 
early November? I forget). We were supposed to keep our coats and hats and 
gloves on in-between takes (it was freezing!), and then shed the outer layer 
during filming, but an alarming number of people kept their coats on and 
hoods up, so if you do watch the film, I'm sure you'll notice all the people 
in parkas in the stands! Hmmm, this is almost a Grooism!

OH! I just got back from Florida, where I spent a wonderful week with 
Unirabbit and the Zookeeper. We played some D&D and some RoboRally, ate at a 
wonderful little "redneck" restaurant called Cracklin' Jack's (try the Bayou 
Platter: Gator Tail, Frog Legs and Catfish), went to a waterpark, did some 
fishing in The Gulf of Mexico, and sort of went snorkeling in The Keys. 

I say "sort of," because I only spent a few minutes in the water before I 
decided that breathing air was MUCH more fun than trying to breathe water and 
failing miserably. Oops. How does Aquaman do it? 

I probably spent more time with the Unibunnies than with Unirabbit, since she 
and the Zookeeper had to work most days, but that was just fine with me. 
Unirabbit has two cute, well-behaved, cute, kindhearted, cute and intelligent 
kids, which means they are obviously changelings. Plus, hanging out with them 
is more like hanging out with my peers, since I have yet to grow up. Luckily, 
neither has Unirabbit or the Zookeeper. 

By the way, don't bother adding me to your address books yet, because my 
e-mail address will change in a week or two, as I CERTAINLY intend to drop 
America Online. They drop ME often enough, by kicking me off-line if I am 
idle more than ten minutes or so (which is basically ALL of my time online, 
since apparently reading and responding to e-mail doesn't count).

Anyway, that's all for now, sorry about the length, I hope I didn't bore you 
guys. Later!

-Larry S. AKA "The Shiek Of Entropy"