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Re: Interesting item on eBay web site item#157573406: Rare SERGIO ARGONES Comic Book Expo Art

Hi Folks!

Groo IS on the cover of 1998 Convention Expo program. (Item #120 in the OOGA
Section of the Groo List)  So is Sergio, Usagi, and just about everyone
else, including what may be the first published drawing of Finster from
Fanboy.  (He's tripping over Rufferto.) As for Groo, if you look in the
center of the drawing, you will see a kid in a pink shirt on a skateboard.
Just to the right of him is a kid with a stack of comics and a Groo comic is
on top of the stack.  I don't know how rare it really is.  On the one hand
it is a very obscure Groo sighting, unlike the fabulous Cover of the
WonderCon 1995 Convention.  On the other hand, it IS another great multi-gag
Sergio drawing.

Last year at San Diego, it was really cool how Sergio and Mark were quick to
ask me if I had found one of these yet.  (The Expo is for retailers a couple
days before the Con)  It was also neat how helpful the Con people were in
tracking one down for me.  I was lucky.  (again)

btw, for the few of you who have my Groo List, I should tell you that I
removed two items from the Merchandise and Miscellaneous Items section.  I
pulled off the Kingdom Comics Autograph Sheet because Sergio didn't think it
should be there.  He said it was just something the store owner put togther
from two drawings to use.  Hard to ignore the words of The Man.  I also
pulled off the "Ltd. Ed." Promo Poster that is a b & w blow-up of Pacific
Groo cover #3 (not to be confused with the Promo poster that has the cover
of Pacific #3 and other stuff on it) because I found out it was made for a
particular autograph session.  That's TOO limited for the list.

OK, now that you are all asleep, I'm done.  Have a nice weekend and take
care -Gary G.