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Re: Larry/Costner/Raimi

>P.S. How come I never heard about the Kevin Costner movie?

Here's the important question for Larry:

Did you meet the director, Sam Raimi? He's one of my favs and my first pick
if ever there was a GROO movie.... but then again, how such a genius (he's
responsible for the EVIL DEAD trilogy, --best B-horror of all time IMHO)
can direct a "sports" movie/love story..... just stupefies me.  Oh how the
mighty have fallen.

~Nate~ Very dissapointed that when Kevin Hall sent me the busty redhead,
the post office had folded the envelope and she was dead....... That's the
second time I have to explain to my finacee about a dead person being
mailed to me.......but I'm in my new house now!!!!  Plenty of new spots for
the bodies!

DISCLAIMER:  All that morbid humor is not intended to be mistaken as fact.
Except for the fact that I have a morbid sense of humor.

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