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Re: totally mad

     Actually, when you search for Groo, it DOESN'T give you ALL the hidden 
     Groos and has at least one citation that isn't Groo at all.  
     I was on the team that helped with the project (credited as a MAD 
     Consultant) and I pointed out that they were missing many hidden Groos 
     and even sent them Gary Groosman's (misspelling intended!) Groo List, 
     but to no avail.  
     Mike S.

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Subject: totally mad
Author:  "Eric Chun" <ericchun@hotmail.com> at Internet
Date:    9/6/1999 10:09 PM

you can search for "groo", and it gives you a 
list of all of the hidden groo's ...  (no, i'm 
not going to tell you where there are...)
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