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From: "Gary Grossmann" <grossfam@olywa.net>
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Subject: Re: totally mad
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 1999 22:38:37 -0700

Ha and double ha!  I bet they don't list all of them.  (Unless they took the
list I sent Mike and incorporated it the thing.  But I thought Mike said
they decided not to do that.)  How many Groos did they list?  -Gary G.

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>hi guys/grrls! > >well, i totally cracked and purchased totally >mad on cd-rom. it's not bad. hate changing >cd's all the time, but other that it's o.k. >you can zoom in and out to read the pages, >and you can search for whatever topic you >want ... fer instance, you can search for >"groo", and it gives you a list of all of >the hidden groo's ... (no, i'm not going to >tell you where there are...) > >if you're thinking of purchasing it, you may >want to check your software store quick 'cause >the online stores already have it on backorder. >(their existing stock from mid-august is >already sold out). > >see you. > >eric > >______________________________________________________ >Get Your Private, Free Email at http://www.hotmail.com > >

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