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Re: Raptus ´99 (Sergio in Norway)!

Hi Folks!

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From: the Knight Who Says Cheesedip :

>Anyways... there are some neat things for all sergio and stan fans at
>Raptus, beginning with the cover of the "Raptus Newspaper" featuring Conan
>(drawn by buscema) holding an umbrella, and Usagi and Groo standing behind
>him.... Inside is what I believe is a new drawing of Groo, leaving a ruined

Gak!  Can somebody please, please, please get me a copy of the Raptus
Newspaper?  I'll send you a hard-to-find Norweigen Groo in return.
Uh...wait a minute.  That's no good.  Umm, let's see.  How about a
Brasillian Groo?  Anywho, I'll figure out something!  But, pllleeeaaassseee
get me a Raptus Newspaper.  (grovelling is so pathetic-but often very

Hey you, Big Chin guy!  What's with the one joke over and over again?  Oh,
wait, this is the Groo Line.  You are not allowed (spelled it coreectly this
time) to have more than one joke per month.  Or maybe per decade.

Congrats to ALL Fanpic III contestants.  Everyone has done a great job.
(This from the man who works in stick figures.  No kidding!)

Hey, Chris, MAD on Parade is really great stuff.  Wall to Wall Sergio,
including a giant Sergio hundreds of Characters double page drawing on the
inside of the cover.  You always get your money's worth with Sergio!  Which
cover do you have?  The one with hundreds of characters on the front and
back covers lead by Sergio en masse or the one where the hundreds of
characters circle around to the back cover?

Larry YOU MUST COME TO GROOFEST @)))  (oops, left my hand on the shift key)
GROOFEST 2000!!!!!

And all you testing guys, I got a lot of your messages, but I don't know
which ones I didn't get because I didn't get them.  Now excuse me, I need to
go talk to Erin.  (If I only knew which one!)

Take care -Gary G.