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Re: Raptus ´99 (Sergio in Norway)!

>You're going to go all the way to the US next year, but you won't even
>travel to Norway, the capital of Sweden, this year?? Only on the Groo
>list!! :)

It's more time than money. Besides, my birthday is September 10:th so I
have alot of friends to be with as well. And I think the Groofest will be
alot more personal than a meeting at a convention. I don't even know if I
will get the chance to talk to him there, so many other people who probably
wants to talk as well.

And about Norway being the capital of Sweden.. is that some sort of new
running gag that I missed? ;-) And while we're on the subject, Norway will
be Swedish again some day.. and Scania (where I live in Sweden) will
hopefully be Danish or indipendant. Questions? ;-)

/Magnus "see you at Groofest" Lindgren
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