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Dieter wrote:

>Er...um...I'm a man.....

You are whatever you want to be.  I make no judgments.  Everyone's entitled 
to her..his...um ..its own life.  You go girl!

Magnus wrote:

>and Scania (where I live in Sweden) will
>hopefully be Danish or indipendant. Questions? ;-)

Yeah.. what's "indipendant"?  And I thought Greenland was the capital of 
Sweden, and Holland the capital of Norway.  What's going on?  Did you guys 
have a reorganizational war or something?

Feeling silly,


PS:  I don't know if any of you are going to get this.  I never even heard of 
Fanpic III before now.  If any of you have hearts, you'll CC any funny, 
witty, or otherwise groop posts to me.