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Re: Raptus ´99 (Sergio in Norway)!

And about Norway being the capital of Sweden.. is that some sort of new
running gag that I missed? ;-) And while we're on the subject, Norway will
be Swedish again some day.. and Scania (where I live in Sweden) will
hopefully be Danish or indipendant. Questions? ;-)

YES, I have a question.


First of all the few years Sweden ruled Norway was a fluke... you got us by a technicality, and that's no bloody joke... If you want Norway back, come try me ;)... anyway.... don't get me started on Skåne... that belongs to us, give it to us and we'll give you Trondheim, we don¨'t need it anyway. As for Denmark getting Scania... I have no problems with that... ;)

"Can't we all just gel along?"
"Apparently not ;)"

Does that mean It will just be Oskar and me at Raptus?... and Sergio and Stan of course... ;)

well well.... can't be helped... About those papers... I've already gotten you one , Gary... as for the rest of you I will see what I can do to more... the local comics store has lots of them, or so they told me... BTW, Gary... no need for any compensation.

eh... there's probably alot more to say, but seeing that I'm exhausted I'll say it some other time... oh yeah before I forget... Lia, did you want me to give Sergio a letter or something? and Oskar, do you want to meet? if so let me know, as soon as possible....

the Knight