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Re: Re:_Raptus_´99_(Sergio_in_Norway)!

In a message dated 9/8/99 4:39:02 PM, sorath666@geocities.com writes:

>>And about Norway being the capital of Sweden.. is that some sort of new
>>running gag that I missed? ;-) And while we're on the subject, Norway
>>be Swedish again some day.. and Scania (where I live in Sweden) will
>>hopefully be Danish or indipendant. Questions? ;-)
>YES, I have a question.


"Good, because if you were, your story would be less plausible"

(By the way, I Live in New York, and I keep catching all of these huge 
BLANCMANGES trying to sneak into the U.S. OPEN?and why do I have this 
OVERWHELMING urge to watch Braveheart?)

-Larry S. AKA "The Shiek Of Entropy"