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Re: Gary - to the Groofest list please!


You ask one of the biggest Groo fans in the known universe (and
beyonnnnnnnnnnnnnd!!)  for enlightenment?  What have you been smoking?
Actually, there is nothing new to report yet.  Oh wait, I guess I should be
writing this on the "online" thing.  Is that like a newsgroup?  Or is it one
more corner of cyberspace I know nothing about.  I'll continue this message
over there I guess.

Larry, GrooFest 2000 will be sometime in the summer of 2000 in Ojai
California.  Ride the rails or something.  Become a long haul trucker for
the summer.  For "details", such as they are at this point, go to

I tell ya, Kevin & Nate are so all over this thing, I feel like a real
slacker.  Plus at the moment, work REALLY sucks, ( I currently work for a
guy who is frightenly like Arcadio-no it's not Big Chin guy-) I'm suffering
from a little no boys in the house depression, and the pre-fab shed kit that
i bought to cover my still naked pump non-house stuff was infested with
ants!  Yikes, you can't even kill them with a sword!  (Well, not very

Take care all -Gary G.

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From: Kevin Hall <kevin.hall@umassmed.edu>
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Date: Wednesday, September 08, 1999 7:06 PM
Subject: Gary - to the Groofest list please!

>Come over & take command of this out of control wagon! Enlighten us!!
>Nate (your secret love child) will take notes & post the appropriate
>info on his site, but we NEED you oh glorious leader!!
>Kevin (allegedly...unless I'm Chris the cross-dressing lumberjack or
>Glorko or...)