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Re: Gary - to the Groofest list please!

Gary Grossmann wrote:

> Kevin!
> You ask one of the biggest Groo fans in the known universe (and
> beyonnnnnnnnnnnnnd!!)  for enlightenment?  What have you been smoking?

You should know by now, tilting at windmills is just a hobby of mine.
Just because something's futile, doesn't mean I won't try it. Again. And
again. :) And I wasn't "smoking" that stuff...just using it for incense.

> Actually, there is nothing new to report yet.  Oh wait, I guess I should be
> writing this on the "online" thing.  Is that like a newsgroup?  Or is it one
> more corner of cyberspace I know nothing about.  I'll continue this message
> over there I guess.

Drop by:  www.onelist.com/subscribe/groofest

It won't take you more than a minute. (Psssttt...Magnus, that's the URL
you were asking about).

> I tell ya, Kevin & Nate are so all over this thing, I feel like a real
> slacker.  Plus at the moment, work REALLY sucks, ( I currently work for a
> guy who is frightenly like Arcadio-no it's not Big Chin guy-) I'm suffering
> from a little no boys in the house depression, and the pre-fab shed kit that
> i bought to cover my still naked pump non-house stuff was infested with
> ants!  Yikes, you can't even kill them with a sword!  (Well, not very
> easily!)

You just need a smaller sword!! :) As for the Arcadio like guy, the big
sword works well. As for the parental void thing, I recommend LOTS of
cheese dips, movies that the boys would have enjoyed: Buckaroo Banzai,
Evil Dead trilogy, Blind Fury, etc. Hang in there, oh obsessed one,
we're all behind you. (That is to say we'll put you out front of the
army to be slain first!).

Kevin (who allegedly has a large chin, but not remarkably so -- and a
bit of a Kirk Douglas cleft when not sporting a beard)

PS Now, I don't want to hear everyone on this list describing their

PPS Don't forget Fan Pic III!!