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Re: Fan Pic III

Oh no.
He figured out my ploy!
He's found out!?!
What do I do now?
I need another plan that nobody has figured out so that they don't know
about it. Something secret.

No, he didn't find out any plan.
He's not even close.
I'm not trying to win by sheer volume. No, I'm not.

I just, uh, like to draw. Yeah, that's it.
I like to draw a lot.
(And since there's the chance to win something...)
I've suddenly found out that I like to draw a whole lot more. 
Yup, I now LOVE to draw.

And besides, my not being swedish/norweigian (?) isn't helping.

Oh and, at least one more to come.
My final fanpic entry (which I've known from the start.) isn't even halfway
complete yet. I've finished with the face but...well, I seem to finish
something else before it.

Oh and Chris, "Sheer Volume" isn't half bad an idea...why don't you try it
sometime? =)
And thanks for the compliment.

the voluminous

> From: schechner & associates <schechnr@flash.net>
> To: groop@groo.com
> Subject: Re: Fan Pic III
> Date: Thursday, September 09, 1999 6:03 AM
> I think Bubble's trying to win by sheer volume!
> Good job, Bubble!
> Chris