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'Ello all!

Gary:  If you're suffering for a lack of boys in your house, why not just go 
out and get some more?  I hear the cabbage patch is a good place to start 
looking.  Also, try the pound, those guys find the weirdest things.  As to 
why you want boys in your house, well, like I said before, I don't judge.  As 
to finding ants in your prefab shack:  those aren't ants.  They're tiny 
nanobots, still in the process of constructing your shack.  How do you think 
the prefabricate them, anyway [ain't technology grand]?  

And yes, the exciting rumors are true, I, TGD, will be entering FPIII.  Be 
gentle.  I am not, as the French say "Le guy who can draw".   In fact, this 
is only drawing I've ever done that wasn't an attempt at a naked woman to 
assuage my boredom in World Cultures class.

Also, something is horribly wrong with my email server, and I never got the 
instructions on how to submit a pic.  Could someone please send me the info?  
Also, what size/format should the pic be in?  And is there any kind of 
content restriction on these pics (If, say, I wanted to surround Groo with 
hundreds of poorly drawn naked women, would that be acceptable)?


PS:  Wouldn't it be cool if all dictionaries defined "recursive" with the 
words "see recursive"?