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Iteresting Ebay Items

Hi Folks!
Attention hardcore Groopie Fan/Collectors!!  Amidst all the "rare" copies of the Eclipse Special and Pacific #1, there are two very interesting Groo Items on Ebay. 
One is Item # 160255929.  This is 3 copies of Comic Reader, including #210 from April 1983, which has the earliest Groo cover on a non-Groo publication and one of the earliest Groo sightings of any kind.  Heck, it came out the same month as Pacific #3.  It's Groo about to engage a Giant Lizard Warrior. VERY Cool. 
And in the interest of forthrightness, I should also mention Item # 159705550-To the Stars Premiere Issue #0.  This is one of the items Sergio showed me in his studio last year that I have been diligently searching for ever since.  I took notes too fast that day and I didn't write down nor did/do I remember what the Groo sighting is inside, but I know there is one.  Also, it's apparently from 1983, not 1979 like I thought I remembered.   
I was able to track down the publisher, although she moved a couple times, and she is one of the folks who says she has some copies in a box in her garage somewhere and will find it for me one of these days. Well, a To the Stars Premiere Issue #0 on the ebay is worth two in a box in a garage one of these days, so I will be bidding on the thing.  Probably pay way too much, but that's the way it goes.    
Anywho, Take care -Gary G.  (who couldn't think of anything goofy to say tonight)