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GrooFest 2000

Hi Folks!
Here is a list of the people who say the are coming, hope to come, or can maybe come.  A (2) means two people are coming.  All of the maybes and hope tos have more to do with dollars than scheduling, except for Chad, for whom July is the pits.  If you are, hope to, or can maybe come and are not on this list, please contact me.  Also, if you are on the list or just want to hear about GrooFest 2000, please join Kevin's e-mail list cuz I guess that's where most of the info will be coming from so as not to clog up the Groo Line. 
1. Chris Schechner (2)
2. Charles Klein
3. Josh Jones
4. Chad Riden (Probably not if in July)
5. Jason Wade (maybe)
6. Joe Fricano (2) (from Sweden!)
7. Eric Chun
8. Greg Craill
9. Nate Piekos (2)
10. George Karalias
11. Ken Fritts
12. Groosum  (What is your name?)
13. Tony Dodds
14. Ruben Arrellano
15. Finn Smith
16. Luis Garcia
17. Kevin Hall
18. Sean McCoy
19. Magnus (from Sweden!)
20. Jacob Starkey
21. Larry Stellar (?)