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Re: Fan Pic III

At 10:33 PM 9/9/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi guys/grrls!
>Check out Daniel's Fan Pic III entry at:
>Click on [Fan Pic III].

~~~ Dan loses points for saying there would be poorly drawn naked women....
and then not including any.  Sure, get us all excited....  I used to draw
naked women in class too.  Except, there were real naked women in front of
me, and I was supposed to draw them.  Figure study, 5 years...  and most of
the time, it was a 300 year old woman, who weighed 800 pounds.... one of
them even used to pose nude with her son (a 30 year old man)..... THAT was
just sick.

~Nate~ I kid you not.
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