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Offtopic: RFC1855 - Netiquette

Howdy Groop,

I apologize for this off topic message. But I was browsing RFCs at work
today and
I saw this one and it reminded me of the few times the question of
etiquette and
such came up on the groop with flame/soliciting the group and so on.

So I thought I pass on this url link to the RFC. It could be used to be
to people who more or less need to know (whether they want it or not :)
some basics of etiquette over the net.


FYi: RFC stands for Read For comment. Basically back in 1969 when
the internet (then known as ARPA net) was being constructed they
came up with a way to publish information on anything of these 
documents. Everything from many of the geeky protocols we
use like TCP/IP to PPP and such are outlined in the RFCs.

I was honestly surprised to see this well written one on

Again, sorry for the off topic posting. But perhaps this RFC could
give some of ya some ammo when dealing with some folks
who need a single source of "do's and dont's" for net use.