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Raptus report.

Hi Groop!

I met The Knight, who's called Herman even though his real name is Christian-Andreas (correct?), who is a really intresting person (plus for having almost the same musical taste as I: death/black metal).
The first Sergio said to us, as we caught him running from a conferance to an interview, was;"why are you all dressed in black?!" and we said:"Hey, we're from the Groop!" and he goes "Ah, come on let's go away someplace else". So he took us to a little room, signing and drawing in seconds, talking at the same time with us and a Raptusemployee saying:"Mr. Sergio, sir, you have an interview" all the time.
It was great, Stan and Sergio held their "shows", which were great and I also got the chance to watch some original art they had done (pages from Image issue 10 and 8): fantastic!
Sergio also told us he was drawing some Groo pages for the new mini-series and did it at the hotel and at the TRAIN to Bergen! You cannot draw in a train, its to shaky! We'll see the results later I guess, but it means there will be a little "Bergen" on the pages.

Moral (summa summarum): If you're going to Bergen, make sure you have alot of money!!!

Take care all,


PS: Both me and The Knight, have tons of those Raptus magazines with Groo in them and posters with Groo, Usagi and Conan on them.
Want one? Let us know!

PS2: The Knight will write you a better report with pics and all later.

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