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Re: Pretty Park is VIRUS -- Do NOT open!!

Chad asked :
> Is Schloubidou your REAL name, or are you a character out of one of the
> Pink Panther movies?

Neither one (though some friends thought I bore a striking resemblance to
the Pink Panther when I was young). The name Schloubidou come from a belgian
comedian. I don't know how it sounds in english, but it's funny as hell in

BTW, has anyone been infected by Pretty Park ? None of my friends opened it,
but I'm worried for the groopers. A suggestion for the list admin : can't
you block the mails sent by strangers ? The Pretty Park mail bounced on all
my other mailing lists because I never subscribe to a list with my default
e-mail (thank God !). Unfortunately, the Groo listserv didn't object, though
I subscribed with noyal@hysope.com and not schloubi@glabouni.com.

Michel Noyal (the french grooper) aka Professeur Schloubidou (the moron who
let loose the Pretty Park virus)