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Re: Raptus report.

Hey, hey Gang

the Knight here... I have only one correction to Oskar's letter, it's Kristian with a K... but don't tell anyone... it's a secret ;) Other than that Raptus is over now *sniff*, hopefully I can start writing a good report soon, tomorrow (or today as it's 3am) is the election day, so my campaigning days we'll be over, and I'll hopefully have some more spare time. Anyway, today was also a hoot, though I only had chance to say a short hi to Sergio as he was very busy, but I did get to have a small chat with Stan, whom I'm also a big fan off... The closing show with Sergio, Stan, Buscema and a lot of the other artists was a HOOT! I laughed my butt off, especially since Sergio kept trying to "steal" the show by shouting comments or blowing a small horn.. he was hilarious.... hmmm... what more could be said about Raptus... well I met Oskar, but I guess you already figured that out since he said he had met me (but it bears repeating as Groo fans, by all logic are slow of mind ;) ) , which was very fun... we also got Sergio to pose for a couple of pictures with us... which I will scan as soon as I get them developed...

Anyway raptus was great fun, not only did I get to meat Sergio and Stan, I met Oskar, who is the only other Groopie I've ever met, and on a personal note I actually met lots of people I hadn't seen in a damn long time....

I'll try to put together a more detailed report later on, but this small report combined with that of Oskar, should give a general idea what went on!

The Knight Who Says Cheesedip

P.S. Cheesedip

P.P.S. Cheesedip

P.P.P.S. Cheesedip

At 11:09 12.09.99 -0700, you wrote:
Hi Groop!

I met The Knight, who's called Herman even though his real name is Christian-Andreas (correct?), who is a really intresting person (plus for having almost the same musical taste as I: death/black metal).
The first Sergio said to us, as we caught him running from a conferance to an interview, was;"why are you all dressed in black?!" and we said:"Hey, we're from the Groop!" and he goes "Ah, come on let's go away someplace else". So he took us to a little room, signing and drawing in seconds, talking at the same time with us and a Raptusemployee saying:"Mr. Sergio, sir, you have an interview" all the time.
It was great, Stan and Sergio held their "shows", which were great and I also got the chance to watch some original art they had done (pages from Image issue 10 and 8): fantastic!
Sergio also told us he was drawing some Groo pages for the new mini-series and did it at the hotel and at the TRAIN to Bergen! You cannot draw in a train, its to shaky! We'll see the results later I guess, but it means there will be a little "Bergen" on the pages.

Moral (summa summarum): If you're going to Bergen, make sure you have alot of money!!!

Take care all,


PS: Both me and The Knight, have tons of those Raptus magazines with Groo in them and posters with Groo, Usagi and Conan on them.
Want one? Let us know!

PS2: The Knight will write you a better report with pics and all later.

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