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Re: Support your local grooper!

Hi guys/grrls!

Glen Gold wrote:
Hi, Gang.  Kevin Hall (mastermind of Colan's website, and the
"illya" guy on ebay) has started up a Gene Colan discussion
group, similar to the kirby-l.  The first posts were this
morning, so there's an archive digest of about 1 so far.
However, I've already seen a new weird piece of Colan
art I'd never seen before: Gene's...wait for it...Hostess
Fruit Pies ad!

Kevin wrote:
Ok, Eric...so, describe the circle this must have gone round
in before it ended up back at Groo of all things!! LOL

Hmm .. If I'm not sadly mistaken, Kevin is also the master- mind behind the groofest mailing list!

See you.


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