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And now -- the moment you've all been waiting for ...

And now -- the moment you've all been waiting for ...

No no no no no no ...  Fan Pic III isn't over yet!
You still have time to send in your entry!

Check out photos from the San Diego Comic Con at:
Click on [SDCC].

1st pic:
Sergio and Gary at Sergio's table.  Gary just brought
over a suitcase full of Brazilian, Turkish, Malaysian,
etc. Groo comics books!

2nd pic:
Mark Evanier, at the Mark Evanier panel, says "I'm
Mark Evanier!"  (And he has a nametag to prove it!)

3rd pic:
A couple of occasional readers, Josh Jones and Gary
Grossmann, at the Groo panel -- front row, of course,
with matching Groo shirts and baseball caps!

4th pic:
Left to right -- Dark Horse editor Scott Allie,
Letterer Stan Sakai, someone named Tom Luth sitting
in for colorist Tom Loth, Writer Mark Evanier, and
Writer/Artist Sergio Aragones at the Groo panel.
Sergio just arrived, and I was trying to get my
camera out of my backpack and out of the camera case,
so I didn't catch what was said when he entered
the room.  I imagine the dialog went like this --
Sergio: Mark, you didn't start the panel without me,
did you?
Mark: No no no no no no, Sergio.  We would never do
that ...

5th pic:
Midway through the Groo panel.

Sorry for the poor quality scans.  It seems my
scanner can't handle color very well, and left a
blue line though the center.  The blue line isn't
actually in the photos.

Plus, it the 5th pic, it looks like lightning is
striking Stan.  That's actually in the photo, but
I have no idea what it is.  (Don't buy a Canon
ELPH camera.  It isn't too great.)

See you.


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