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Re: southpark virus

On Wed, 15 Sep 1999 20:29:17 +0100 (BST), dizzy.sean@lineone.net

>			Hi everybody, here is a message from a lurker who opened the southpark virus, make that dumb lurker!, I deleted the files32.vxd component as that has the virus contained but I have since found out that you need to do a bit of regedit before deleting this file otherwise you can't open any applications.
>I am hoping that someone still has it on their computer and can forward me a copy so I can reinfect myself and get rid of it properly or if someone else infected themselves but still has files32.vxd in their windows/system folder could you forward it to me so I can get out of this mess.
>Not often viruses are requested eh?
>Groo would be proud.

ME: There's an easier way.  You can find out how to get rid of that
virus (it's actually what's called a worm program) at:


For that matter, any time you encounter a virus or worm, it's a good
idea to go directly to one of the sites that specializes in such
matters, such as McAfee.  They're usually right on top of these

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