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Fan Pic III

Hi guys/grrls!

The results of the questionable entry survey
are attached below.  (With the names of the
reviewers removed.)

The entry is well-drawn, but a bit too ob-
jectionable.  As a result, the entry will
not be posted.

See you.



1. The only thing that I can see that would be
disturbing to our younger members is the
bleeding neck. I've taken the liberty of
editing the picture's edge to show you what I
mean. With the right side shaved off, it seems
to be ok.

2. I think it should enter.. we can take some
blood can't we? I think it'scool (c:

3. Tough call. The red diagonal streaks by
themselves, I like. The head onthe right with
all the blood is what makes it tough for me.
I'd say ifthe list is "G" rated, no go. If
we're assuming the list is 13 andabove??? I'd
be tempted to say let it go...

4. I´d say allow it. It´s a bit more graphic
than Groo, and less funny, but not utterly
tasteless. And in a way, it´s very Groo-like:
Slaying for the heck of it...

5. Well, it;sclose, but I'm going to have to
give it a thumbs down.For one thing, it's too
realistic, or perhaps more accurately, not
cartoonyenough for the violence and blood.
And even by Pacific Groo standards, it'stoo
much. There were no flying heads in even the
old Groos. In fact, I amreminded that in the
Groo Chronicles, they printed a proposed Groo
coverwhere Sergio drew Groo cutting off a
guy's head, although you had to look atthe
drawing carefully to see it. Mark said that
when he pointed this out,Sergio looked at the
drawing as if seeing it for the first time
and theydecided it needed to be re-drawn. So
amidst all the other violence, headsevering
has always been out of bounds and so I think
it should be that wayfor the fan pics.

6. Hey Eric, I don't think the pic is so bad
but that is me. I know youasked for help on
this one so here is my input;Would the
drawing pass the guidelines of the comic
code authority? ( Iam not sure exactly what
that is but I think they keep stuff too gory
orexplicit out of kids hands, although I
think the groop is mature enoughto handle
it ). The foundation of the groop is a comic
book, so wouldthat type of art be in our
beloved Groo? The work itself is very
welldone and if you decide not to show it,
contact the artist and maybe havethem do
another one along acceptable guidelines.

7. I personallt got no problems with this.
Early Groo's (Starslayer) hadswathes of
blood following Groo's swords. Mind you it
was black notred. But Groo's never (to my
feeble memory) haad decapitated heads. Itis
obviously cartoonish in style and non-
realistic looking. As opposedto the anatomy
in some mags like x-men. So I have no
hesitation inreccomending it for general
viewing.I am [$$], dunno if we have any
groopers out there under 16 or so. Hecould
change the background from black to a
pastel colour then changethe blood to black,
but it's ok now by me. Comics code people
wouldveto but we're not publishing. Attach
a warning maybe but go for it.

[$$]: I've removed the reviewer's age so the
reviewer can remain anonymous.  -- Eric

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