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Trout Newletter

Dear e-Fisherfolk,

September is upon us and it's the time for all of us to learn new things.
Sometimes it feels like homework is an insidious plot to reeducate parents.
Last year, Keith learned that the word "forte" is actually pronounced "fort"
unless it is specifically talking about music. Of course, you sound like an
absolute idiot when you say things like "Building a house is not my fort,"
but at least you are a correct idiot and not some random fool. This year
Keith has already learned that the word "rhyme" can also be spelled r-i-m-e
and we're not talking about "a rough, white icy covering deposited on
trees." NO SIR!! We're talking about rime scheme, rimed, riming and even
rimester.  Scrabble players, take heed! We're not kidding here. Look it up
in a dictionary. You'll be shocked. While you're at it, you'll also notice
that a commonly used word, "gullible" is not really a word, as it cannot be
found in the dictionary. Go ahead. Don't take our word for it. Look it up.
Well, our biggest news is that our new CD, Closer To The Truth, is finished.
At least our part of it is. It is now headed to the manufacturing plant and
the release date has been established as October 26, 1999. The CD has 13
songs on it and if you think that's unlucky, think of the 13 Original
Colonies and what a good idea that was and you'll be all right. 12 songs
were written by Keith and Ezra and one song (The Sun and Moon and Stars) was
written by Vince Bell. We've been playing his song for a long time and have
always wanted to record it. Keith would like to mention that October 26 will
be his Dad's 77th birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad!
In looking over the calendar for the rest of the millennium, you will notice
that we will be performing in 19 of the 50 United States. That's a lot of
traveling. You will also note that we are very daring kind of guys as we
will be flying on January 1, 2000, to Lubbock, TX, the home town of Buddy
Holly. Order your new CDs soon before they become collectors items.
Troutfully Yours
Keith & Ezra
For a complete catalog listing and information about Trout Fishing In
America, visit our website:
9/17        Summersville, WV
FRI      Ivy & Stone Council for Arts
        presents at the Nicholas
            Cty. H.S. Auditorium
         Family Concert

9/18     Timonium, MD
SAT      Zany Brainy In-Store

9/19        Souderton, PA
SUN      Concert Sundae in the Park
        Souderton Area High School
            Kid's Concert (2PM)
            Family Concert (7PM)
         (215)723-9331 or
         (215)723-2424 or

9/24     Springfield, VT
FRI      Southeast Council for the
           Arts Presents
         Springfield H.S. Auditorium

9/25        Haverhill, MA
SAT      September Fest
         Downtown Haverhill

9/26        East Meredith, NY
SUN      West Kortright Centre
        Family Concert
            <A HREF="http://www.westkc.org/";>www.westkc.org</A>

9/27     Bridgewater, NJ
MON      Zany Brainy In-Store
         Grand Opening
         100th Zany Brainy Store

10/1     San Antonio, CA
FRI      Cibolo Creek Country Club

10/2     Dallas, TX
SAT      Poor David's Pub

10/3     Singing the National Anthem
SUN      Dallas Burn Soccer Game
         Cotton Bowl
         Dallas, TX

10/7     San Mateo, CA
THU      Zany Brainy In-Store

10/8     Berkeley, CA
FRI      Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse

10/9     Santa Cruz, CA
SAT      Kuumbwa Jazz Center
         Kid's Concert (5:30PM)
         Family Concert (8PM)

10/10    Markleeville, CA
SUN      Turtle Rock Park
10/15    Johnson City, TN
FRI      The Down Home

10/16    Wilmington, NC
SAT      Arts & Action Series
         Kenan Auditorium, UNC Wilmington

10/21    Joplin, MO
THU      Kitchen Pass

10/22    St. Louis, MO
FRI      Off Broadway

10/23    Zany Brainy In-Store
SAT      Orland Park, IL

10/24    Chicago, IL
SUN      Old Town School of Folk Music
         Kid's Concert (4PM)
         Evening Concert (7PM)
10/29    Ft. Worth, TX
FRI      Kids Who Care Present
         Will Rogers Auditorium
         Family Concert
           <A HREF="http://www.fwculture.com/";>www.fwculture.com</A>

10/30    Austin, TX
SAT      UT Ballroom
         Kid's Concert (3PM)
         Evening Concert (8:30PM)

11/4      Littleton, CO
THU       Zany Brainy In-Store

11/5      Florissant, CO
FRI       Thunderbird Inn

11/6      Denver, CO
SAT       Swallow Hill
          Kid's Concert (2PM)
          Evening Concert (8PM)

11/7      Durango, CO
SUN       Ft. Lewis College Concert Hall

11/13     Roscommon, MI
SAT       Kirtland Center for Performing Arts
          Kirtland Community College
11/14     Ann Arbor, MI
SUN       The Ark

11/19     Reno, NV
FRI       The Peppermill


12/3      Baltimore, MD
FRI       Weinberg Center

12/4      Glenside, PA
SAT       Keswick Theatre
          Kid's Concert

12/5      Reston, VA
SUN       Reston Community Center
          Family Concert

12/11     Tampa, FL
SAT       Skipper's Smokehouse
          WMNF Concert Series
          Kid's Concert (3PM)
          Evening Concert (8PM)
          (813)971-0666 or

12/12     Jacksonville, FL
SUN       Wilson Center for the Arts
          Kid's Concert (4PM)
          Evening Concert (7:30PM)
          (904)632-3373 or
          (904)646-2222 or

12/17     Fayetteville, AR
FRI       Nightflying Anniversary Party

12/18     Little Rock, AR
SAT       Juanita's

12/31     Euless, TX
          Texas Star Conference Center
          Presented by the City of Euless
          Kid's Concert (2PM)
          Evening Concert (10PM)

1/1       Lubbock, TX
SAT       Science Spectrum Exhibition Hall

1/14-     Oklahoma City, OK
1-15      City Arts Center
FRI/      (405)951-0000
SAT       <A

1/23-     Kerrville Folk Festival Cruise
1/30      Mayan American Cruise
First come, first served; space is limited

Dates subject to change, so call ahead!