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Card game

Hello Groop
I'm interested in buying the Groo games: the basic set and the expansion. I
live in Spain and it's not easy to get them here. A friend of mine found a copy
of the basic set a year ago in Dublin and since then we have spent uncountable
amusing afternoons playing with it with our friends. Now we have two very born
out copies (both of them from Dublin), we need to replace them for new ones and
we woluld really try the expansion too. Is there any chance to get  posted two
copies both of the basic game and the expansion? Maybe David and Jenny Perrey
can still find the game at that shop they spoke of two months ago or so?
Someone? Please?
Dani, who's been hooked up with the groop since the time Gary was Erin (no,
this joke will never die), and is still wondering why.