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Re: Card game

In a message dated 9/17/99 12:48:59 PM, danicortes@iberonline.es writes:

>Hello Groop
>I'm interested in buying the Groo games: the basic set and the expansion.
>live in Spain and it's not easy to get them here. 

I'll check around, there's enough places to look here in New York, but I 
haven't really been in any gaming stores since I was last with The Groop, so 
i don't know if they're available. Meanwhile, anyone with a sure source, 
chime in!

>Dani, who's been hooked up with the groop since the time Gary was Erin
>this joke will never die), and is still wondering why.

Hmmm, since Gary was Erin? I've caught allusions to this before, sounds like 
I missed out on SOMEthing. Do I want to know what?

-Larry S. AKA The Sheik of Entropy