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Re: Fan Pic III

I agree with Glorko!

And I love all the Groo noses!!!

No one wants to try and draw me. You all keep drawing me with a Groo mask.
Just to set the record straight, I do have an actual face.  But I'm afraid
it's not very distinctive.  Just your run of the mill scrawny little 45 year
old bald man with a Groo hat, shirt, etc.

Take care all -Gary G.  (quasi-Lurker, at least by my usual standards)

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Date: Saturday, September 18, 1999 9:48 AM
Subject: Re: Fan Pic III

>Ya' know, Tennille, that's pretty amazing! Not only did you draw a funny
>picture with a whole bunch of people in it, you drew caricatures of a whole
>bunch of people you've never met! I mean, I've had to do caricatures of
>folks from bad photos or from watching them on TV, but this is bordering on
>the psychic! Or maybe it's just a really grooish thing to do. Anyway, good
>>Hi guys/grrls!
>>Check out Tennille's -new- fan pic entry at:
>>Click on [Fan Pic III].