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Re: Groo Round Robin #2 UPDATE (finally)

Hi guys/grrls!

I think Demon Squirrel dropped out of the
mailing list.  That means Ch. 10 will
probably have 2 b reassigned..

See you.


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From: ShiekOfEntropy@aol.com
To: a2sg@yahoo.com, groop@groo.com
Subject: Groo Round Robin #2 UPDATE (finally)
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 01:40:48 EDT

In a message dated 9/18/99 5:23:47 AM, a2sg@yahoo.com writes:

>Yo Larry
>Did you ever find out if anyone's interested in
>continuing the Round Robin story?  I've signed back
>onto the list, at least for now, and will make a
>general announcement if need be.

Thanks, Two Sheds, sounds like a cue to me?

Anyone who has any interest in checking out our first Groo Round Robin, aptly
named The Groo Round Robin #1, should go to this address. It is mighty funny!


The second Groo Round Robin, just as aptly named The Groo Round Robin #2, is,
ummm, errr, well, kind of still in progress, but can also be found at:


What we have so far is mighty funny!

Chapters 1-9 have been written by our very own Nate Piekos, Arthur Two Sheds
Gumby, David & Jenny Perrey, Ed Erdelac, Larry Steller, Unirabbit, Jason
Wade, Mike Travis and Eric Chun.
The rest are slated for:

Chapter 10: Demon Squirrel
Chapter 11: SportKing8
Chapter 12: Gary Grossman
Chapter 13: Dieter Opfer
Conclusion: Nate Piekos

BUT we seem to have hit a bit of a snag or two. Dieter was originally slated
to do an earlier chapter and was pushed back because Life got in the way, and
I'm assuming the same is true for Demon Squirrel, whose Chapter we still
haven't received.

So here's the deal. I'd like the final five to e-mail me and let me know
whether or not they are still interested in continuing. You guys have until
Saturday 9/25 to let me know, and at that point I'll reassign Chapters as

Also, if you are interested in filling in for an existing slot, let me know,
and I'll pick applicants only as needed on a first-come first-serve basis.

The rest of you who have an interest but aren't chosen to fill an empty slot,
well, if we get The Groo Round Robin #2 back on track, we can always follow
with a third Groo Round Robin. (Hmmm, but what shall we call it??) It will be
mighty funny!

Groofully yours, Larry Steller AKA The Sheik Of Entropy

P.S., F.Y.I.:

Round Robin #2 Rules:

1) Each writer should set up a minimum of one seemingly impossible
cliffhanger ending for their chapter, and MUST have in mind a reasonable
solution when they write it.
2) Each writer must resolve one cliffhanger (minimum) and somehow continue
and embellish a greater storyline.
3) Each writer gets to invent the Title of the next chapter, and it is up to
the next writer to somehow make it relevant to the story.
4) Round Robin Two will go full circle only once, except that the person who
writes the first installment should also write the conclusion. (That would be
Nate, The Anchor)
5) Post each chapter to the Groop as quickly as you like, but I think we
should all keep in mind that each writer should be allowed a full week to
really take the time to do it right.
Unless anyone objects, before posting to the web site I will edit each entry
for spelling, punctuation and grammar (but not for content).

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