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Your personal music picks from MP3.com

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* Your personal song picks -- new free downloads
* Pop & Rock -- more music than you can shake a drum stick at
* Artist connection -- news from your favorite bands
* What is the assmap? 
* MP3.com Music and Technology Tour blasts off Oct. 5th
* Hot off the presses -- Official MP3.com Guide to MP3
* Mix like a pro with PCDJ
* Alanis & Tori "Opening Acts" release compilation CD
* Jam MP3 CDs on your Sony PlayStation

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//// Your personal song picks -- new free downloads

Based on your MP3.com music profile (and the satellite data 
of your neighborhood), we think you'll like these tunes:

    (Guitar Rock)
    (Hip Hop)
    by Ted Shinn
    (New Age)

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//// Pop & Rock -- more music than you can shake a drum stick at
By Dave Uosikkinen

Music fans like to hear it all. I know I do. One of the coolest 
things about MP3.com is the music variety. Every day, I get 
sucked into spending hours and hours exploring the depths of 
the Pop/Rock category. Here are a few acts that are topping my 
hit parade:

*Space Age Playboys*
Authentic rock band on a search and destroy mission, these guys 
play every note like their lives depend on it:

*Taylor Neely Band*
Dallas Taylor, a founding member of Crosby, Stills & Nash, has assembled a true "Americana" act:

*State Of Grace*
A lot of good stuff is coming out of the U.K. these days, as 
you will hear with this band:

//// Artist Connection -- news from your favorite bands

The following artists have posted "Calendar and Notes" 
pages to keep their fans up to date and in the loop. 
WARNING: MP3.com does not monitor these web pages and
is not responsible for what may be construed by some to 
be adult or offensive content.

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