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Meeting up with Mark & Ruben

Hi Folks!
A short (!) report from Gary G.  Today was rather surreal.  I'm trying to get the damned shed built before the monsoon season and I am as good a carpenter as Groo is a mathametician (I spell as well as Groo does, too.) So I get up, pound nails, stop go to church, go up to Seattle (I hour plus 45 min. for traffic accident back-up) see Mark & Ruben (also Mark's girl friend, Carolyn Kelly), stay a couple hours, zip home and pound nails again until a few minutes ago (flood lights). It was almost like the stuff in between the nail pounding didn't happen. 
Seeing Ruben was great.  He was quiet (almost everyone is quiet compared to me) and his hair is shorter (now that he is in the job market, I presume). We exchanged some stuff.  Ruben is cool.  We had a chance to talk to Mark for quite a while about all sorts of stuff, not just Groo.  Carolyn Kelly is a VERY sweet person (How did she ever get hooked up with a wise-acre like you Mark.  She's way to good for you.  Don't blow it!)  She also pointed out that Pogo (she is Walt Kelly's daughter for those newbies who don't know) has 4 letters just like Groo and 3 of them are the same letters. We figured there must be some kind cosmic connection there. 
The wierdest thing of the day was when a couple showed up who had been in the 7- car accident that I had been slowed down by.  They got a rental car and finally made it to see Mark!  Now that is determination! 
Anywho, I think this is still short by my standards, but I better end it.  It was  just really great to see Mark and talk to him in a more relaxed setting than San Diego.  The only thing unrelaxed was me as I started thinking how I had to get home.  Sometimes I get all wound up and hyper.  (moi?)  Take care all -Gary G.