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If Groo were a car saleman we'd all be walking...

If Groo were Bill Gates we'd ALL be using Macs...

If Groo were Steve Jobs we'd ALL be using Macs...(because he'd slay us if we

If Groo were Gary Grossmann he'd be dessesbo with fraying...oh wait, he already
is... Hey Gary, you're not really Groo in disguise are you?

If Groo were Batman then Gotham would seem as though it had been hit by a huge
earthquake and...um err...well actually that did happen recently, well just
forget that one....

Dieter :)#

ReallyBigChin@aol.com wrote:

> Hi Groop, what's up?
> Thought I'd do something very un-Groo-like and throw something
> thought-provoking out there.
> We all know that Groo is VERY good at being a swordsman, but that the results
> of his actions are ALWAYS the worst possible consequences. But what if Groo
> were something OTHER than a sword-wielding Wanderer? What would we witness
> when we hear the words "And now Groo does what Groo does best?"
> If Groo was a North Atlantic HURRICANE, he'd probably go south. So much for
> the penguins?
> If Groo was SUPERMAN, Metropolis would be toast.
> If Groo was an ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM, we'd all be using typewriters.
> If Groo was a BASEBALL PITCHER, he'd strike out every batter, but also put
> the catcher and umpire in traction.
> If Groo was a WILD WEST GUNSLINGER, there'd be nothing standing EAST of the
> Mississippi.
> If Groo was a COMIC BOOK CREATOR, he'd probably say that you could take his
> book apart, shuffle the pages and put it back together in random order and
> have it still make just as much sense?and he'd be right!
> How's that for a start? What will the rest of you come up with?
> Waiting eagerly,
> The ReallyBigChin Guy
> (Who still can't wait for October 1st?)