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Meeting Mark and Gary.

After the 300+ mile (500+ km) drive to the convention, I think it was
well worth it.  

Meeting Mark for the first time was a pleasure.  He was set up rather
inconspicuously next to the other guests, with nothing except his name
badge to indicate who he was (others had posters, standees, and banners
shouting their names and wares), so there wasn't too much fan
competition to monopolize his time (until Gary showed up!).  He signed a
bunch of my books, and I showed him how those Spaniards took his name
out of the credits in the Spanish edition of Marvel #1.  He also signed
me a collectors edition of his autograph in my signing/sketching book
(now I have to get the rest of the set!).   He was kind enough to offer
me to sit next to him and we chatted while he signed books for other
fans.  He seemed rather annoyed at one guy who brought an entire
collection (and others) of New Gods to be signed. That guy then went
over to Jim Mooney's table and did the same (not with New Gods!).  There
were even a couple of "Did you draw this?" thinking he was Mike Grell
(!), and Mark had to reject a book he didn't work on in a pile of one
'fans' books.  Hopefully Gary and I filled out his fan quotient for the
day... :-}

And Gary was a treat to see again.  He gets so worked up and excited and
just chatters on and on about this collecting exploit and that treasure
hunting adventure.  I think he would be a great speaker for a "Fan
Collectors" panel at SDCC!

I also got to meet Carolyn Kelly.  She is very nice, and managed to
convince me to think about making the Sergiography a newsletter that
people can subscribe to for a few dollars... hmm....  She was trying to
think of a gag using the similarities between "Groo" and "Pogo" to sign
in my sketch book, but even Mark couldn't help her with THAT deadline!
:-}  She drew Pogo writing her signature.

All best,