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In a message dated 9/20/99 12:35:22 AM, grossfam@olywa.net writes:

>So I? go up to Seattle? (to) see Mark & Ruben (also Mark's girl
>friend, Carolyn Kelly)?  Carolyn Kelly
>is a VERY sweet person (How did she ever get hooked up with a wise-acre
>like you Mark.  She's way to good for you.  Don't blow it!)  She also pointed
>out that Pogo (she is Walt Kelly's daughter for those newbies who don't
>know) has 4 letters just like Groo and 3 of them are the same letters.
>We figured there must be some kind cosmic connection there.  

Whoa, Gary, WHOA MARK! I love Pogo! 

I was born in 1961, and a lot of Walt Kelly's humor went over my head as a 
kid, but still left an indelible impression. In fact, I can almost always be 
counted on to remark to someone once a month or so "Hey, Friday the 
Thirteenth falls on a Monday this month." (Or whatever day it falls on) 
Sometimes I get blank stares, sometimes they laugh or groan, and occasionally 
someone will light up because they recognize the reference. If they just 
laugh, I'll tell them it's from Pogo; if they're close enough in age to me 
(or older) I can usually count on a knowing smile.

Plus, every Christmas since I was a kid I HAVE to sing "DECK US ALL WITH 
TROLLEY?" of course mangling the mangled lyrics as I forget how it really 
goes. Somehow, it's oddly appropriate that I do. 

Did anyone ever read Alan Moore's classic issue of Swamp Thing called POG? 
Quite an homage, I don't have the issue number off the top of my head, but 
it's a must-read for Walt Kelly fans.

Anyway, sorry for the off-topic rant and rave, I guess if I didn't have a 
huge dose of Fanboy? in me I wouldn't be a Grooper! (See, I always TRY to 
make it relevant)

Larry S. AKA The Sheik of Entropy