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Thought I'd share this one with the Groop, since it was addressed only to me 
(did you err)?

In a message dated 9/20/99 7:23:22 PM, bennidokk@yahoo.com writes:

>If Groo was an ARCHITECT, we'll all be living in caves.
>On the other hand,
>If Groo was anything else, he wouldn't be Groo.

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If Groo was an ARCHITECT, we'll all be living in caves.
On the other hand,
If Groo was anything else, he wouldn't be Groo.

--- ReallyBigChin@aol.com wrote:
> Hi Groop, what's up?
> Thought I'd do something very un-Groo-like and throw
> something 
> thought-provoking out there. 
> We all know that Groo is VERY good at being a
> swordsman, but that the results 
> of his actions are ALWAYS the worst possible
> consequences. But what if Groo 
> were something OTHER than a sword-wielding Wanderer?
> What would we witness 
> when we hear the words "And now Groo does what Groo
> does best?"
> If Groo was a North Atlantic HURRICANE, he'd
> probably go south. So much for 
> the penguins?
> If Groo was SUPERMAN, Metropolis would be toast.
> If Groo was an ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM, we'd all be using
> typewriters.
> If Groo was a BASEBALL PITCHER, he'd strike out
> every batter, but also put 
> the catcher and umpire in traction.
> If Groo was a WILD WEST GUNSLINGER, there'd be
> nothing standing EAST of the 
> Mississippi.
> If Groo was a COMIC BOOK CREATOR, he'd probably say
> that you could take his 
> book apart, shuffle the pages and put it back
> together in random order and 
> have it still make just as much sense?and he'd be
> right!
> How's that for a start? What will the rest of you
> come up with?
> Waiting eagerly, 
> The ReallyBigChin Guy
> (Who still can't wait for October 1st?) 

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