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Re: Stuff you may want. (Raptus newsmag etc)

I suppose I can do it if folks want to.  But let's keep it real simple.
People send me the $4 or whatever Oskar thinks it will cost to mail to
everyone individually.  I'll figure out if its cheaper to send Oskar US
dollars or convert to Swedish crowns here.  (i.e., costs less than $4) I'll
send it to Oskar with an address list and he'll send the things out to

We'll all save a few bucks (although Oskar still prepares a lot of
envelopes.)  I suppose it might save a little for Oskar to send them all to
me and then I send them to everyone cuz US postal rates are cheaper (but
then I would have to prepare a lot of envelopes!)

(For me this is all being penny wise while I am being pound foolish,
considering what I've spent on Groo stuff in the last couple months.  But by
the time I get my kids through school, I could have purchased a second
house, so it's all relative.)

Gary "But my kids will support me in my old age" Grossmann

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Subject: Re: Stuff you may want. (Raptus newsmag etc)

Is anyone in the US willing to take collection of US monies to send to
Oskar?  It would sure save us (and him) a lot of money....  If you got
all the money in one lump sum, would $4 per order be enough?


"Oskar Sjöström" wrote:
> Hi Groop!
> There is one copy of Groo Exposé and Groo the Adventurer in my local shop.
> Also I saw some earlier issues of the Marvel run, from 5 or 6 and on.
> For all of you wanting a copy of the Raptus news magazine + poster, send
> 8 US dollars and your adress (that will cover the postage and cost for
> exchange into swedish crowns).
> Alternatively, you all organize some sort of way that I can get all money
> one deal (in Sweden I must pay 30 SeK, about 4 dollars, to exchange into
> dollars and I won't pay that each time I must exchange).
> Take care all,
> Oskar.
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