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Re: Usagi/Groo

From: "Tennille Tan" <dennison@philonline.com>
I just picked up the latest issue of Usagi Yojimbo (issue # 31) and the
letter's page contained this paragraph: "Sergio Aragones and I have wanted
to do a crossover for a long time. So far, we've plotted out a six-issue
miniseries, and that took us six years to do!"

Well, I hope they do manage to do it. I'm kinda afraid, thinking about what
might happen if Usagi did meet Groo, and I am hoping that it will be a
groo/usagi story if ever. (You know that 2-panel crossover thing...)

It just sounds awesome.

Actually, the collaboration they have planned is Usagi and Catnippon, a character Aragones has done a few bits with (one in USAGI v1#11).


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