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Re: Meeting Mark and Gary.

Mark Evanier wrote:
> A lot of Groopers write me and ask, "Do you [and/or Sergio] have any
> plans to be at any conventions in my area?"  The answer is that, at
> this moment, I have NO plans to attend any conventions between now and
> next year's San Diego Con.  I don't know about Sergio, though I know
> he's trying to cut back on them.

	I got the idea that Mark must be plotting to intercept any more free
airplane tickets Sergio gets so that he can stay nearby for a while....  
	Mark said the following often happens with Sergio:  Sergio and Mark
make plans to get together to discuss a project next week on, say,
Tuesday.  Sergio calls Mark Tuesday morning and says "We no can meet
today". Mark asks "Why not?". Sergio: "I going to Arizona right now!" 
Or New York, or France, or Norway, or.....

As any sea can plainly fool,