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Raptus Stuff & early Groo Review

Hi Folks!
Would everyone who wants the Raptus Newspaper & Poster that Oskar & Knight so graciously picked up for us, please contact me by the end of the week and let me know your $4.00 is on the way.  Then I will know when it's all here and I can go cash it and convert it to Swedish money for Oskar and send it off.  My address is:
Gary Grossmann
8916 Blomberg St SW
Olympia, WA 98412
Thanks.    btw, the Groo sighting in the "To The Stars"  Premiere Issue #0 (copyright August 1983) is a nice little quarter page drawing dated 1983 where you are essentially looking over Groo's shoulder at an army clearly about to be decimated.  There ia also a swirling banner with "Groo the Wanderer" in the foreground.  Groo's facial _expression_ and posture is rather Conan-esque, which was common in early Groo drawings. 
But the real reason I mention the sighting is that it includes a very nice review of Groo with one major ommission-Mark's name is nowhere to be found!  This is particularly staggering since the reviewer-one Fred Patten-even mentions the "one-line jokes and witty dialogue" as one of the comic's strong points. (Along with "sight gags and well plotted humorous stories") 
I've read a bunch of reviews of Groo and Mark is variously referred to as "collaborator", "co-writer", "partner in crime", or the reviewer plays along with the no-one-knows-what-he-does gag.  But he is always at least MENTIONED!!!  Maybe it was so early in Groo history-there had only been 4 comics when Patten wrote his review-that he didn't have complete info.  Anywho, it was odd to read. 
On the subject of Groo sightings, Groo is in MAD #386 twice after a two issue absence and I discovered he is in the 1986 San Diego Comic Con program.  (and I don't have it! Yet.) 
Take care all -Gary G.