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Re: Fw: Stuff you may want. (Raptus newsmag etc)

Oh sure I knew what Mark looked like -- there's the Famous Comic Book
creator cards, the Groo cards, the interview in Comic Book Marketplace,
and all the celebrity sponsorships for Right Guard and AT&T.  I just
don't think a lot of other people knew who he was -- he mentioned that
he liked it that way....  

Another thing he mentioned.  It bugs him when credits say "Sergio
Aragones' Fanboy", Mark: "I thought it was *my* Fanboy"... We were
discussing the lack of fan credit he, and comic writers in general, get
for the comic book they work on.

Did you ever know that you're my Cheerio,

Gary Grossmann wrote:
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Azamin "Cantona" Zainol Abidin <azamin7@pd.jaring.my>
> To: Gary Grossmann <grossfam@olywa.net>; Groop <groop@groo.com>
> Date: Tuesday, September 21, 1999 8:26 AM
> Subject: Re: Stuff you may want. (Raptus newsmag etc)
> >Ruben Arellano wrote:
> >
> >> Is anyone in the US willing to take collection of US monies to send to
> >> Oskar?  It would sure save us (and him) a lot of money....  If you got
> >> all the money in one lump sum, would $4 per order be enough?
> >
> >Maybe Oskar/Gary can set a deadline for members to confirm,  By setting a
> >deadline, they will have a certain date to send the money or having enough
> US$ to
> >be changeed  to the Sweetish currency
> >We can also sent Oskar  e-mail after we made the payment for him to keep
> track
> >those who want the items as an ordering list  This will allows him to
> receive  the
> >payment before  a certain date (maybe 2 weeks after the deadline or till
> the
> >payment of everybody in the list arrived ) which allows him to collect
> enough US$
> >to exchange it for the Swedish currency.  From the confirmation e-mails we
> sent,
> >he can keep track whose payment he already receive and whose payment still
> on its
> >way.
> >
> >Ruben,  You didn't recognized Mark based on the Weaver character in Groo?.
> Stan
> >is the scribe.  and there were Sergio and Tom who appeared in some of the
> Groo
> >comic issues among the croud scenes and in all the intro page of the latter
> issues
> >of the Marvel issues.
> >
> >btw, I'm having problem sending e-mails to the groop, but I can still
> receive
> >mails from the groop.  This is quite contrast to what usually happen where
> people
> >can send e-mails to the groop but cannot receive mails from groop.  This
> happened
> >after my mailbox was full and I couldn't receive e-mails from 10 sept till
> 16
> >Sept.  But  all thanks to Gary who is willing to forward this e- mail to
> the
> >groop.  Thanks Gary.
> >
> >Azamin
> >The Malaysian Grooper, the Groo trooper.
> >