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Re: Fw: Stuff you may want. (Raptus newsmag etc)

In a message dated 9/22/99 12:31:54 AM, ruben@oanet.com writes:

>Another thing he mentioned.  It bugs him when credits say "Sergio
>Aragones' Fanboy", Mark: "I thought it was *my* Fanboy"... We were
>discussing the lack of fan credit he, and comic writers in general, get
>for the comic book they work on.
I seem to be in the minority of comic fans in that I am much more forgiving 
of bad art than I am of bad writing. (Yeah, I know, bad by whose standards, 
Larry?) I buy comics to READ, and although I thoroughly enjoy the pretty 
pictures, to me the story is everything.

It seems to me that, because of the running gag "What is it that Mark does, 
anyway," there unfortunately are fans out there who don't REALIZE exactly 
what he does! Since Sergio and Mark plot the stories together, they somehow 
believe that Mark "only" writes the scripts. Hell, we all know how visually 
funny Sergio is WITHOUT Mark, but these folks should think about all of the 
clever lines we all keep repeating. Hint: those are WORDS! 

Groo is a partnership between TWO very talented people; in all fairness I 
have to make that FOUR very talented people, including Stan and Tom. The sum 
of these parts is much, much greater than the whole, because they get to play 
off of each other's ideas, and they seem to have a powerful working 
relationship. Anyone who's followed Mark's comments over the years knows just 
how protective he is of Sergio, whose generous nature is so easily taken 
advantage of. 

I also get the feeling that while the original idea for Groo probably started 
with Sergio way back when, who then enlisted Mark's talented quill, Fanboy 
and Magnor seem to have been created by both Mark and Sergio equally. 

Anyway, that's my rant for the day. Isn't it amazing how one stray comment 
can set me off like that? Sorry, folks! 

Larry S. AKA The Sheik of Entropy