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Re: Fw: Stuff you may want. (Raptus newsmag etc)

On Wed, 22 Sep 1999 02:16:47 EDT, ShiekOfEntropy@aol.com wrote:

>It seems to me that, because of the running gag "What is it that Mark does, 
>anyway," there unfortunately are fans out there who don't REALIZE exactly 
>what he does! Since Sergio and Mark plot the stories together, they somehow 
>believe that Mark "only" writes the scripts.

ME: The thing is, we don't always plot GROO together.  It varies from
issue to issue.  There are issues that are all Sergio's plot and
issues that are all mine and some that are 60-40 and some that are
10-90.  There are also issues where even we don't know.

>I also get the feeling that while the original idea for Groo probably started 
>with Sergio way back when, who then enlisted Mark's talented quill, Fanboy 
>and Magnor seem to have been created by both Mark and Sergio equally. 

ME: Groo was created wholly by Sergio.  Fanboy was created wholly by
me.  Magnor is pretty much a co-creation.

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